15-year-old AMMANN ABT Speedy Batch 280 gets fully upgraded!

In 2008, AVAX S.A., a leading Greek contractor, made the strategic decision to invest in the transport-optimized ABT SB280 asphalt plant. Since its acquisition, the ABT SB280 has been relocated multiple times across two countries, making its mark on significant projects such as the construction of the A4 Motorway in Poland and the Olympia Odos Motorway in Greece. The current project where the asphalt plant will be involved is the skid-resistance wearing course replacement of the Attica Tollway in Athens.

Having successfully produced over 1.3 million tons of high-quality asphalt, the ABT SB280 recently underwent an extensive servicing process that encompassed all its wearing parts.

Eng. George Matsakas, the Plant & Equipment Director of AVAX, attests to the exceptional quality and durability of the ABT SB280 wearing parts, which allowed it to perform admirably in demanding conditions.

“Despite operating in diverse environments, working with different aggregates and varying recipes, the wearing parts displayed astonishing durability and maintained excellent condition throughout. However, as a preventive measure, we decided to opt for a complete replacement of the wearing parts, coupled with an upgrade to the latest version of AMMANN’s cutting-edge control system, the as1”, Matsakas says.

The Ammann as1 control system is an advanced technological solution that enhances asphalt plant operations. It offers seamless integration, automation, and real-time monitoring capabilities. With user-friendly controls, operators can efficiently manage temperature, mixing, and production processes. The system ensures precise material dosing, consistent quality, and reduced waste. Its diagnostics and reporting features enable proactive maintenance, optimizing plant performance and minimizing downtime. The as1 control system empowers asphalt plant operators to achieve superior control, efficiency, and reliability, leading to successful projects and exceptional outcomes.

This comprehensive upgrade represents the unwavering commitment of Ammann and Spanos to their customers’ productivity. By continuously providing exceptional products and services, Ammann and Spanos stand alongside their customers, supporting them in each new endeavor, fostering a productivity partnership that lasts a lifetime.