SPANOS TECHNOLOGIES is part of SPANOS GROUP and focuses in the Research & Development of innovative technologies for a wide range of industrial applications offering a complete portfolio of technical solutions, high quality engineering and specialized technical services.

In close cooperation with its international R&D partners, such as CERTH (Center of Research and Technology Hellas), the University of Bergamo-Italy, Chemical Trading GmbH-Germany, AMMANN Italy S.p.A. and others, SPANOS TECHNOLOGIES is active in the following fields:
• IoT for Concrete Batching Plants
• Design and manufacture of municipal solid waste management and treatment autonomous mobile plants with energy recovery
• Development of aerogel based construction materials for highly efficient building insulating purposes
• Design, manufacture, installation and operation of customized mobile concrete batching plants
• Development of high performance shear-mixing pumps for colloidal grouts for the building construction sector
• Customized procedure development regarding production cost reduction & durability increase of concrete structures
• Research & Development of water characteristics’ enhancement processes for industrial purposes

R&D Targets

• Evaluation & further development of existing technologies and their application for our customer needs

• Enhancement of applied technical procedures (concrete, asphalt etc.)

• Modification and composition of techiques for efficiency increase

• Reduction of emissions and resources‘ savings

• Recovery procedures and recycling methods

• Provision of technical support and solutions for customers‘ outsourcing demands

Indicative projects

IoT for Concrete Batching Plants

• Concrete production cycle monitoring & optimization
• Retrofit installation on existing ready mixed concrete production plants
• Fault identification & prediction
• Remaining useful life estimation
• Predictive maintenance processes
• Jobsite environmental conditions monitoring
• Concrete batch ingredients monitoring & correlation to power consumption
• Combination of real-time measured channels to calculated predefined KPI’s
• Threshold values alarming
• Online data analysis & reporting
• Real-time overview of plant operation parameters worldwide
• Flexible and customizable
• Historical data up to 2 years available
• Identify equipment malfunctions and increased power demands
• Reduce plant downtimes
• Enhance spare parts logistics and manpower intervention schedule
• Record of jobsite environmental conditions esp. particulate matter expose according to compliance with environment regulations
• Increase safety and productivity due to operational cost savings
ecobatch white
Game changer in concrete Production
Design and development of innovative, sustainable and low carbon footprint concrete batching plant systems with:

• Faster aggregates feeding
• Smart powders, water, and additives dosing methodology
• Smoother, faster, and more effective mixing
• Faster and more efficient mixer discharge
• Smaller total installation space needed & lower structure
(compared to belt-holding hopper plants)
• Ergonomic control cabin
• Reduced water quantity for mixer cleaning


The aim of the project was to find optimal mixing procedures for production of a homogeneous, workable mixture & quality concrete using two-stage mixing.

• The specific objectives of the investigations were as follows:
• Achieving optimal mixing energy and time for a homogeneous cementitious material
• Characterizing the homogeneity and flow property of the pastes
• Investigating effective methods for coating aggregate particles with cement slurry
• Studying the effect of the two-stage mixing procedure on concrete properties
• Obtaining the improved production rates
• Design & construction of a production unit with adaptation of the technology
and empirical knowledge


MOBISOL project in collaboration with CERTH/APLT that targets to use biomass of every type to produce added value products and energy by the implementation of solar-thermochemical technology. Spanos contributed its know-how on the special semitrailer design and production, on which the mobile energy production plant has been mounted on.


Sensor developments for contrete production QC
• Nondestructive concrete during the trip (from production to casting point)
• Concrete workability determination of casting location
• In situ quality protocolling of building structures


Participating in international R&D projects
• Research on applied Carbon-Nanotube-Technology
for concrete strength enhancement
• New material design for advanced constructions
• Innovating casting techniques


With CERTH - Non conventional cement water mixing methods
• Investigations on the cement hydration process
• Development of mixture prototype with ultrasonic sieve device
• Tests on specimens show a significant increase in strength