A new, safe and compliant runway for Kos Airport

Following the completion of the airport runway project in Mykonos earlier this year, Intrakat begins the upgrade project in the island of Kos.

Kos airport has served 2.3 million passengers in 2017, recording an increase in passenger traffic of 20.7%. 
The airport’s infrastructure will receive major upgrades based on Fraport Greece strategic plans for their managed airports in the coming years.

The first phase of the major renovation project for the airport will be the restoration of degraded asphalt layers on the runway and the apron. The project is being executed by Inrakat, a leading Greek contractor, that has signed a €357 mil. agreement for the overhaul works on all 14 Greek regional airports that came under Fraport management last year.

Projects of this calibre require top quality equipment to ensure that the infrastructure that will be used my millions of people every year will remain at its top operational level. As such Intrakat has chosen an AMMANN Quick Batch 180 asphalt plant, equipped with the unique RAH50 hot recycling drier, accompanied by the state-of-the-art mobile reclaimed asphalt processing system AMMANN RSS 120-M.

A specialized Spanos team guarantees the record-time relocation of the plant from Mykonos to Kos, a process that will take only a few days, allowing our customer to start operations immediately.