Semi-mobile AMMANN ABT 140-180 QuickBatch


The ABT 140-180 QuickBatch plant is engineered for easy, cost-effective transportation and installation while still offering benefits typically associated with stationary facilities.

ABT 140-180 QuickBatch’s international transporting efficiencies are built around the “container principle” logistics concept. Containers cost less to transport, and the methods for shipping them are more easily available – factors that can generate substantial cost savings, especially if a plant is repeatedly relocated.

Key core components, including dryer/filter units and mixing tower modules, utilise housings that also serve as certified transport containers. The components are built as 20’ or 40’ units, the most common container sizes. When it’s time to move, the components are simply loaded onto the transport vehicle. The entire plant is contained in 10 units.

Precision separates ABT 140-180 QuickBatch from most container plants. ABT 140-180 QuickBatch strictly adheres to international standards, helping plant owners avoid complications and ensuring all sea, land and train size requirements are met.

  • Output of 140 t/h to 180 t/h
  • Low transport costs due to the “container principle”
  • Containers precisely match international standards to avoid transport complications
  • Minimal packing/unpacking when relocating
  • Reduced site development costs because the plant does not require a concrete foundation
  • Lower installation costs because highly functional individual modules are linked via intelligent interfaces
  • Provides every full-scale stationary mixing plant advantage in terms of output, performance and space requirements
  • Includes Ammann’s full range of recycling solutions
Plant type140180
Continual plant capacity at 3 % moisture *140 t/h180 t/h
Continual plant capacity at 5 % moisture111 t/h140 t/h
Number of cold feedersNo.4 in standart version (additonal feeders on request)
Cold feeders capacity7.5 m³ each
Drying drum typeT 1870 (L = 7 m / D = 1.8 m)T 2080 (L = 8 m / D = 2.0 m)
Burner power output10 MW14 MW
FuelsNatural gas, LPG, light oil, heavy oil
Filter capacity AFA29 000 Nm³/h44  000 Nm³/h
Filter surface AFA380 m²480 m²
Screen typeVA 1536VA 1536 S
Screen surface15 – 20 m²
Screening4- or 5-fractions
Hot aggregate silo 1-rowBasic module: 26 t
Additional module: 44 t (total max. 70 t)
Aggregates scale2500 kg
Filler scale300 kg
Bitumen scale200 kg
Mixer size / content1.7 t2.2 t
Binding agent supplyEco-Bit box tanks, horizontal configuration
Filler supplyReclaimed and imported filler silos
Hot mix storage silo /compartmentsStandard direct loading from mixer. Option 32 t; 18 m³
Recycling additionHot RA with RAH50 drier: 20% through the screens, 50% through by-pass
Cold RA: 30% directly into the mixer

* Hot mix production capacity based on following conditions: 10 % bitumen and filler addition, input moisture of aggregates 3 %, aggregate temperature increase 175 K and 0 / 2 fraction share max. 40 %. Capacity figures subject to ± 10 % variation.