Ammann asphalt plant retrofit for CHRISTODOULAKIS S.A

A 160t/h Ammann asphalt plant, operating on Crete island for our customer CHRISTODOULAKIS S.A., has been upgraded with a brand-new RAC cold recycling system and the powerful as1 Argon control system. The entire retrofit activity has been completed in just one week.

Ammann’s as1 Argon is an advanced automation system designed to enhance efficiency and precision. It optimizes workflow, streamlines operations, and ensures consistent performance, ultimately improving productivity and reducing downtime. It offers a comprehensive solution that boosts efficiency and maximizes output while maintaining the highest standards of quality and precision.

The RAC cold recycling system installed enables up to 30% RAP utilization. Equipped with a special steam evacuation system, top quality of the asphalt mix is assured.

Key highlights include:

-Lower production costs

-Reduced impact on natural resources

-Elimination of expensive storage needs

-CO₂ emissions reductions