AS1 Control System


The Ammann as1 Control System won’t just make your batch plant run better, it will help improve your business, too.

The proprietary system provides statistical data that can help you uncover trends and identify areas of strength, areas where improvement is needed, and everything in between. Built-in statistical reports present in an easy-to-understand format. Data can be accessed through the Internet.

Don’t forget the value of the as1 in running your plant. The system provides fully automated mix production, plus the flexibility to work in safe manual mode. The system offers a host of other benefits including the use of unlimited recipes, automatic burner control, dynamic in-flight correction abilities and full integration of electrically heated bitumen storage tanks.


  • Extensive statistics available including daily reports and trending tools
  • Locking of silo loading based on bin content to prevent material from being mixed up
  • Composite or individual adjustment of the feeder proportions during production
  • Fully automatic burner step-up and step-down system
  • Automatic burner control for consistent mineral temperatures
  • Burner diagnosis through trend graphics and display of current automatic firing system status
  • Production list for successive processing
  • Support of various dosing systems
  • Automatic optimisation function for aggregate-to-bitumen ratio
  • Automatic correction of inflight parameters
  • Dynamic switch point from coarse to fine batching
  • Wizard for feeder calibration
  • Convenient recipe selection via onscreen menu
  • “On-the-fly” recipe change
  • Automatic batch reduction during warm-up phase
  • Automatic loading bin control
  • Remote maintenance access and online diagnosis
  • Automatic connection to the Ammann service platform and exceptional support through the hotline team