CIFA SLX Series 8-9-10


The “SLX” Light Line Series has been conceived with a modern and compact design which goes towards increasing better performances, such as an higher geometrical volume of the drum combined with a very limited total weight, simpler maintenance with greater safety.

  • Basic frame, straight or shaped, made profile according to truck’s manufacturer specifications 
  • Drum design according to DIN459 norm with large loading volume with high water line 
  • Drum and blades made by specialized ultra wear-resistant steel with exceptional hardness and strenght 
  • Wear protected blades 
  • Two rollers diam. 250 mm with special off road support, completely bolted for an easy maintenance and adjusting 
  • Water tank capacity 400 I 
  • Two washing nozzle (one at ground level by quick joint and one on ladder platform) 
  • Manometer for the concrete consistency 
  • Two light additional chutes in iron-plastic material, with supports for their fixing on counterframe 
  • Special design charging hopper and discharging hopper and chute for a fast and smooth charging and discharging completely bolted for a better and simple maintenance 
  • Wear plates on charging hopper and discharging chute 
  • Discharging chute hydraulically driven by manual pump 
  • Adjustable support for hydraulic pump 
  • Water pump driven by reducer 
  • No. 2 quick joint water filler on sides of front supporting frame 
  • Oil cooler with integrated oil tank 
  • Plastic back protection on rear support easy to clean 
  • Two strong armed swivel chute system 
  • Polymer mono-axle mudguards including rubber mudflaps 
  • Machine completely sandblasted and painted in rust prevention and zinc protected for better rust resistance 
  • Two man holes on the drum and two safety drum locking systems 
  • Drum antirebound device 
  • Water meter 


  • Nominal capacity 8-10 m³
  • Cockpit