Commissioning of Reclaimed Asphalt Processing System to “Nik. Kaisidis AVTE” in Thessaloniki, Greece

SPANOS Group completed the commissioning of a revolutionary RAP processing system of CAMS Srl. in Thessaloniki-Greece. The plant consists of a primary shredder, a 2-deck vibrating screen, a secondary grinder as well as a second screen.

This special configuration enables the processing of nr. 2 reclaimed asphalt fractions (0-6 & 6-12) + over, and has the possibility to operate either in closed circuit or with a 3rd selection.

The key advantages of the system are the following:

  • Separation of RAP agglomerates
  • Effective abruption of reclaimed bitumen from the aggregates
  • Controlled grinding of reclaimed aggregates in order to avoid the increase of filler (fine dust) on processed RAP
  • Maximum Contol of Grain Size Analysis of processed RAP &
  • Significant enrichment of RAP on reclaimed bitumen content