ECOBATCH® selected for UNESCO World Heritage Site rehabilitation project!

A brand new MOBISPA 65, the youngest member of the ECOBATCH® range, has been delivered to Defkon A.T.E., and installed in Mount Athos, Greece.

The mobile concrete batching plant will be involved in the road network rehabilitation project of the monastic community.

Mount Athos with its twenty monasteries has been a principal spiritual centre of the Eastern Orthodox church since Byzantine times, is still autonomous, and preserves along with the agricultural and craft traditions of a medieval Mediterranean agrarian culture, a treasury of striking vernacular architecture, art and manuscripts, which has been influential for a thousand years throughout the Orthodox Christian world and is still revered. The peninsula is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site and lies within a Conservation International-designated Conservation Hotspot and in a WWF Global 200 Marine Eco-region.

Being the most advanced batching plant in the market, with the lowest energy consumption per m3 of concrete produced and an optimized environmental footprint, resulting to low CO2 emissions, ECOBATCH® perfectly contributes to the sustainable completion of the rehabilitation project.