The EmulTEK 15, with capacity of 15 tons per hour, is the perfect solution for big projects where high volumes of emulsion are required.

The bitumen emulsion plant offers top flexibility with different mix designs and recipes. Its compact dimensions make the emulsion plant easy to transport to different jobsites.

Emulsified bitumen uses include tack coat between binder and wearing courses, prime coats, surface dressing, slurry sealing and micro surfacing.


  • Fully automated control and reporting system by SCADA based software over PLC
  • Hot water inlet
  • Heating lines for rapid water heating
  • Bitumen flow meter with heated body
  • Barrel pump for added safety
  • Touchscreen monitor
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Remote customer service assistance
  • Easily transported


  • Semi-auto or automatic operation possibilities
  • Colloidal mill
  • Stainless steel premix tanks on load cells
  • Heating lines for rapid heating of water
  • Stainless steel pump and flow meter
  • Bitumen flow meter with heated body
  • Barrel pump for additional safety
  • Touch screen monitor


  • Electrical or thermal oil heating
  • Additional kerosene / diesel feeding line
  • Separate control cabin