ENERGYA K42E: The new battery electric driven truck pump from CIFA

The brand new K42E, launched at Bauma 2022 in Munich, completes the ENERGYA range of CIFA, which now boasts the first truck pump of its kind.

The K42E stands out for a number of technological innovations that revolutionise the concept of the truck pump but also, and most importantly, offers the same performance as a traditional model while reducing consumption and emissions.  The boom extends up to 42 m in 5 sections with the last two in carbon fibre: a unique feature of CIFA’s CARBOTECH range and a smart way of optimizing the weight of the machine without reducing strength and reliability.

The K42E is equipped with a state-of-the-art system that uses a 30 Ah battery pack to power two electric motors: the first drives the hydraulic pump to move the boom and open the outriggers; while the second drives the pumping unit and other services.

If the work requires a high level of performance that cannot be achieved with the available charge, the new ENERGYA pump can be connected directly to an electrical outlet at the construction site (three-phase). This means the system will continue to operate with the Diesel engine of the truck switched off and therefore without emitting exhaust gas and reducing noise.
In the case of a complete lack of electrical sources, it is possible to connect the K42E to the truck’s power take-offs and therefore use the vehicle’s engine to complete the pumping of concrete and close the boom and outriggers.

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