Self-reacting formworks

This type of formwork supports the thrust of concrete without the need to anchor the formwork to the slab or rock.

This system saves a considerable amount of time both for arming the formwork and for disarming it compared to traditional systems with anchors to the rock or slab already cast previously.

The TFI self-reacting system is hydraulic with a ring nut cylinder that facilitates the arming and disarming with the help of hydraulics, without anyone intervening with mechanical tools. This way, the safety aspect is also safeguarded.

In addition to the ring nut cylinder, TFI provides a hydraulic system for the extraction of the pin, which normally must be done manually by a person.

Formwork for automatic widening of classic and conical type tunnels.

This type of formwork is suitable for tunnels that have many sections, one different from the other. In this scenario, it is necessary to have a formwork that adapts to the various sections.

The movement of widening is done hydraulically to safeguard safety. In addition, the formwork is equipped with a system for lifting and positioning the formwork that must be added or removed to adapt the formwork to the various sections. This system is especially suitable for tunnels that have a conical geometry.

In the attached photo the conical formwork starts from a section of 8.8 meters wide and after several steps of enlargement it reaches a width of 20 meters. The formwork tapers by 1.2 meters in some sections between the starting section and the final section after 10 meters

Formwork with double length feeding system.

This type of formwork is suitable for tunnels where it is not possible to advance the formwork with wheels or similar systems since the reinforcement has already been positioned in the tunnel and therefore there is no passage area.

This advancement system is hydraulic and uses the support of the formwork to the jet just made and then the support of the beam to move the formwork for the advancement of the longitudinal beam.

Full Round formwork

This type of formwork is suitable for tunnels for undergrounds and for water pipes both for hydroelectric plants and for underground water pipes.

The advantage of using Full Round formworks in water pipes is to make the casting in one step. This way there will be no connection joints between the insole jet and the face jet.

Over the years, the water can infiltrates the joints and creates cracks and therefore the leakage of the water.

The full round formwork guarantees the construction site a faster execution of the concrete castings with the advantage of finishing the work earlier.

External formwork without dywidag bars

This type of formwork is suitable for artificial tunnels, where there is no tunnel dug in the mountain.

The photo alongside shows a solution without dywidag tie rods between the internal formwork and the external formwork.

This type of external formwork guarantees a very high speed of armoring and stripping of the formwork, since the construction site does not waste time fixing the bars between the internal and external formwork

Formwork for by pass and couplings

This type of formwork is used in tunnels to make the jets connect the main pipes of the tunnel. The TFI solution offers a formwork on self-propelled rubber wheels with steering wheels. This solution allows the construction site to cast concrete and then quickly move the formwork to the next by pass without the use of special construction machinery. The formwork independently manages to exit the by pass, make the necessary curves and slip into the next by pass.

Formwork for invert

This type of formwork is used in tunnels to make the jets of the lower arch of the tunnel. TFI offers various formwork solutions for invert that solve the individual problems of the construction site.

  • Invert formworks with movement on rubber wheels or on classic steel wheels on rails
  • Inverted formwork advancing with the ” double length ” system
  • Formwork easy to move with construction crane