Installation of the biggest asphalt plant in southeast Europe in Thessaloniki-Greece

SPANOS’ expertise and deep knowledge of the construction industry have been demonstrated once more, through presentations of the latest developments in the sector.

The all new AMMANN CB350 asphalt plant, the biggest in southeast Europ, has been the latest investment of KAISIDIS A.B.T.E., one of the most credible and well established asphalt producer and road construction company in Greece.

KAISIDIS AVTE previously owned an AMMANN CB280 plant and once more decided to move along with SPANOS and AMMANN, thus renewing its trust in the efficiency of the sharp technological solutions and after sales organization of the two Groups.

The new asphalt plant is wquipped with the hot recycling drier RAH50, developed in conjunction with Universities and Research Centers specialized in Heat-Transfer Technology. CB350 is an asphalt batching plant with maximum output of 350 t/h. Considering system technology, the plant is equipped with the latest features of today’s concepts.

The purpose of development of the hot recycling system RAH50 is to solve the main issues of:

  • Heating Reclaimed Asphalt in a drier in high percentage with as less possible bitumen alternation
  • Avoid as much as possible sticking problems in the drier
  • Control of gas emissions at drier output

The result of this long lasting and presistent research is the new drier for asphalt batching plants, able to recycle up to 50% of RAP.

During the first day of the 5th International Conference of Bituminous Mixtures and Pavements, hosted in Hyatt Regency Hotel in Thessaloniki (1-3/6/2011), SPANOS and AMMANN successfully presented the all new CB350 with the RAH50.

Eng. Mario Carlotto, Technical Director of Ammann Italy and Eng. Riccardo D’Amico, Area Manager North Africa & Balkan, introduced the revolutionary RAh50 system and answered many interesting questions during the presentation. Right after, a jobsite visit with more than 130 participants took place, in the Industrial Area of Sindos in Thessaloniki, where the new plant has been installed. The complete operation was demonstrated, from the start-up, the recycling procedure up to the final hot mix production. The participants have expressed great interestin the advanced technological capabilities of the biggest asphalt plant in southeast Europe.

It must be underlined that for more than two decades SPANOS supports all those efforts that contribute towards the improvement and development of knowledge and quality in the road construction field.