MOBISPA 100 global launch

Mobispa-100 is the revolutionary mobile concrete batching plant that offers a remarkable degree of “fleximobility”: that’s flexibility and mobility seamlessly united in a single product. Designed and manufactured by SPANOS GROUP, the Mobispa-100 is based on the longstanding experience and extensive know-how of the Company’s R&D Department.

Mobispa-100  is a high-standard concrete batching plant assembled on two 2-axle semi-trailers, making it quick and easy to deploy on a jobsite without the need for special infrastructure.  Compared to other systems, the Mobispa-100 is extremely cost-effective when relocating from one jobsite to the next, as in essence the only cost involved is its transport.

Mobispa-100 is fitted with all the necessary systems, fully assembled and connected for immediate operation: storage, control, weighing, transport and mixing systems as well as anything else that may be required, are fully integrated into the plant, thus making it entirely autonomous.
The concrete produced is of excellent quality, at remarkably fast cycle times in accordance with DIN 1045 specifications.

The Mobispa-100 is equipped with a state-of-the-art automated system for management and control of the plant, including an RS-232 serial port and a keyboard with IP65-class protection. This renders it compact, convenient and functional.

The Mobipsa-100 mobile concrete batching plant is mounted on two 2-axle semi-trailers that are fully compliant with the European Traffic Code. This means that no special license is required for its transport; Two ordinary two-axle tractors are all that’s required for transporting the plant from one jobsite to the next. Mobispa 100 has been designed and developed by SPANOS GROUP, and its patent is pending at the Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (“OBI”). Its production is a fully standardized and industrialized process.

During the design stage, special emphasis was placed on stability and safety. Its specifications thoroughly comply with DIN 15018 HZ requirements as set by TÜV Germany, whereas construction quality is certified to ISO 9001:2008.

The plant bears the CE label, indicating its compliance to Directive 89/392 CEE on the safety of machinery.