The MYRIA train mixer is the right solution for concrete transport in very narrow tunnels and special job-sites underground.  Mounted on a  rail track with customizable gauge width, the MYRIA is available in 4 different sizes 6, 8, 10 and 12 m³.

The MYRIA units are always electrically powered or pulled by and external train keeping it simple to work where conventional truck mixers cannot access. The track is tailored made for the job-site and can be completed with all the needed additional accessories such as different jaws types, working lights, brake system, and even a bigger engine. The drum system of the MYRIA  is simple and smart, the units can be combined to create a train of mixers according to the type of project. The rotation of the drum can be synchronized with the movement of the mixer and determines the charging or discharging sequence according to the direction of the rotation.  In order to fit all working conditions the drum can mount an additional extension to facilitate the concrete discharging process.