New ECOBATCH®-MOBITECH 80 commissioned to RAVNET Srl in Romania

What makes the Ecobatch®-Mobitech 80 stand out? Here’s the breakdown:

Environmental Leadership:
As the sole concrete batching plants range globally boasting an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), it sets a new standard for eco-conscious construction methodologies.

Mobility Maximization:
Engineered for mobility, it offers unparalleled adaptability, facilitating seamless relocation to optimize project logistics.

Performance Paragon:
Equipped with cutting-edge components, it ensures superior performance and steadfast reliability, catering to the demands of diverse construction ventures.

Innovative Ingenuity:
Incorporating state-of-the-art concrete batching technology, it streamlines operations, enhancing productivity while minimizing ecological footprint.

Tailored Precision:
Customized to the specific requirements of RAVNET Srl, it exemplifies our commitment to delivering bespoke solutions tailored to individual client needs.

Effortless Serviceability:
The Ecobatch®-Mobitech 80 boasts a design optimized for streamlined maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime and maximal operational efficiency.

Unwavering After-sales Support:
Our dedication extends beyond installation, with a professional and dependable after-sales support system in place, providing clients with ongoing assistance and expertise.

Collaborating with RAVNET Srl on this venture underscores our mutual pursuit of excellence in construction innovation. We’re confident that the Ecobatch®-Mobitech 80 will elevate their projects to new heights of efficiency and sustainability!