The new Opera House project in Egypt’s New Capital City

Maxim Beton, part of Maxim Investment Group, has chosen a MOBISPA 135 high capacity mobile concrete batching plant for the needs of the new Opera House project.

The 135m3/h capacity plant, will supply as well other ongoing constructions in the New Administrative Capital city, that is planned to consist of 21 residential districts and 25 “dedicated districts.”
Its downtown is to have skyscrapers and a park double the size of New York’s Central Park, artificial lakes, about 2,000 educational institutions, a technology and innovation park, 663 hospitals and clinics, 1,250 mosques, 40,000 hotel rooms, a major theme park four times the size of Disneyland, 90 square kilometers of solar energy farms, an electric railway link with Cairo, and a new international airport.

The New Capital will be built as a smart city while it is planned that the transfer of parliament, presidential palaces, government ministries and foreign embassies will be completed between 2020 and 2022 at a cost of US $45 billion.