Asphalt Plants

Stationary AMMANN ABA 100-340 UniBatch

Stationary AMMANN ABA 100-340 UniBatch

Versatility makes ABA 100-340 UniBatch one of the most popular Ammann plants. The plant is among the lower-cost alternatives and is easy to operate and maintain. It also is known [...]
AMMANN ABT 240-300 SpeedyBatch

Semi-mobile AMMANN ABT 240-300 SpeedyBatch

ABT 240-300 SpeedyBatch is perfectly configured in accordance with container dimensions and built for rapid deployment. ABT 240-300 SpeedyBatch offers touches that make the moving process easier. Cable channels are [...]

Semi-mobile AMMANN ABT 140-180 QuickBatch

The ABT 140-180 QuickBatch plant is engineered for easy, cost-effective transportation and installation while still offering benefits typically associated with stationary facilities. ABT 140-180 QuickBatch’s international transporting efficiencies are built [...]

Mobile AMMANN ABM 90-140 EasyBatch

ABM 90-140 EasyBatch provides the flexibility of a batch plant with high-mobility capabilities. In fact, ABM 90-140 EasyBatch is ready to produce within two days of a move. The complete, [...]

AS1 Control System

AS1 CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ASPHALT MIXING PLANTS The Ammann as1 Control System won’t just make your batch plant run better, it will help improve your business, too. The proprietary system [...]

Recycling Technologies

The use of reclaimed asphalt, or recycling, has become a necessity. Governments increasingly want the reclaimed asphalt from old roads re-used in an effort to be more environmentally friendly. Recycled [...]